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4 Things to Consider for a Great Staircase Design

Staircase Design

A staircase is an integral part of a home and one of the most vital fixtures in the entire house that helps you access other areas of the house, especially the upper areas. The stairs serve as a connecting path from one floor to another. Apart from the functional part, staircases are also a powerful design element of an entire home. Also, as there are diverse staircase designs to choose from, one has to be careful about choosing the style and design of the staircase from the beginning itself because it could be expensive and it also requires professional support. If you are constructing a new home or upgrading your staircase, experienced builders and developers can help you choose the best staircase design for your house.

If you are looking for a traditional staircase, then you might need to rethink your decision, because traditional staircases take up considerable space and may block off crucial spaces that could be used for something else. Therefore, while considering staircase designs – be it contemporary or traditional – make sure that you keep certain things in mind and make your staircase a key element in the overall design and decor of your house.

Here are some important things you should look into to have a perfect staircase design:

  1. Consider the available space: You should know how much space you can spare to build the stairs. Look carefully at the space and think of a staircase design that would be functional and also match your décor.

    If you have a small house and need to save more space, L-shape staircases or spiral staircases can be ideal options. If you have a large space, then you can think of building a U-shape, curved or even helical staircase that is bigger and more decorative.

  2. Safety: Staircases always pose some safety concerns, so while designing and building staircases, always take into consideration who is actually going to be using this staircase, and what options are most safe for them.

    For instance, if you have elderly people or children using the staircase, be sure to include handrails – especially higher railings for longer flights – and avoid any kind of slippery surface on the stairs. Make sure that longer flights have a landing, because, generally, staircases that have landings are safer compared to other types of staircases.

  3. Staircase material: The material you use for building a staircase plays a significant role in the staircase functionality and design. There are many kinds of materials – such as timber, marble, steel and even concrete – that can be used for building the stairs. Some contemporary houses that usually have modern designs go for glass or metal staircases. While considering the design, you must also check for the material durability. Make sure that the material chosen can carry the load on it to avoid unnecessary accidents and also last long, keeping the stairs attractive and fresh-looking.
  4. Storage: It’s a great idea to consider having a good storage space in your staircase. Wondering how? Simple, you can either install a sliding stair drawer for hidden storage or include a bookshelf on the side of the staircase.

Plan everything well so that you can get the perfect stairs for you and your family. However, remember that the right staircase design is one that complements both your home and your lifestyle. For that to happen, rely on experienced builders and developers that have years of experience designing stunning staircases and can work within your budget.

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