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7 Key Tips to Maintain the Exteriors of Your Home

Maintain the Exteriors of Your Home

Home maintenance involves a long list of tasks and can be rather daunting. For most people, maintaining the home means keeping the interiors of the home clean. However, home maintenance is not just about focusing on the inside. It is equally important to focus on the exteriors of the home as well. As these outside areas are frequently exposed to different weather elements throughout the year, they may naturally need more maintenance. Maintaining the exteriors can give your home a fresh and refreshing look. If you are planning to renovate the exteriors of your home in Trivandrum, choose a reliable and established builder. Established builders and developers offer top quality building maintenance services that will make your home look beautiful while preventing costly repairs later.

However, doing tasks randomly can prove overwhelming, as it may be difficult to keep track of the things already done and those that need attention. To maximize efficiency and ensure that all the tasks are done perfectly, you need to consider creating a home maintenance checklist. Here are some top ways to maintain the exteriors of your home –

  • Inspect drains – Make sure to check the tub and sink drains to ensure that no debris or clog has accumulated. Ensure that the drain pipes are clean.
  • Clean the gutters – A poorly managed gutter system can damage the roof and the sidings of your home. Therefore, it is important to inspect the gutters and clean them thoroughly once a year. This helps to identify the damages well in advance before it spreads too much. The best way to clean the gutters is to remove debris, which gets accumulated and clear any blockage. Once the debris is removed from the gutters, flush the downspouts and gutters with a hose to remove any debris that may have left behind.
  • Cut back the landscaping – Overgrown landscaping not only affects the home’s curb appeal but can also damage the exterior of your siding. This can be prevented by cutting back any plants, trees and shrubs that make contact with the exterior.
  • Repair damage to siding – Siding that shows signs of cracking needs to be repaired immediately. Such cracking may make your home susceptible to damage and may affect the siding over time. The rainwater will seep behind the siding and cause rotting to the wall.
  • Seal the cracks – Check for gaps around windows and doors and reapply caulks to prevent leaks. Also, make sure to add stripping to doors as this helps your air conditioning system run more efficiently thereby saving money.
  • Repair the driveway – For concrete driveways, you can patch or fill cracks or chips with a cement-repair product. Deeper cracks on the other hand, can be left to a professional. To extend its longevity, a driveway should be resealed every two to five years.
  • Paint – Check the exterior painting of the house. Give a touch-up on the paint once a year. Never schedule the paint during the monsoons as rain or moisture may damage the wet paint.

Living in a house that has clean exteriors is refreshing. Performing routine check-ups and keeping it clean are vital to ensure a beautiful, healthy and safe home environment. Try to stick to a regular maintenance schedule. Create a maintenance checklist for tasks required to be completed outside your home. To get the job done efficiently, choose an experienced provider of home maintenance services in Trivandrum. Professional builders and developers can provide the necessary support to maintain the exterior areas of your home, while saving time and money.

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