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Ideas to Make Your Small Living Room More Functional

Living Room More Functional

The living room is probably one of the first spaces someone sees when they enter your home. This is the only space in your entire home where you relax on the couch, entertain guests, play with your kids and have endless conversations with your family members and friends. With the multitude of utility factors and versatility, the living room can be considered the heart and soul of a house. However, in metro cities, living spaces are increasingly becoming smaller day by day. Therefore, it is important to utilize multifunctional designs for your living space because such plans can not only make your house look beautiful but also allow you to add unique features. Established architects in Trivandrum discuss with their clients all prominent aspects of interior design right from selecting colour patterns, furniture, flooring, lighting and other design elements to provide the expected look.

Consider the following functional designs for your living room –

  • Open layout – Open layout is one of the most popular design aspects these days. An open layout floor plan can easily combine different rooms and save a lot of space.
  • Decorative partition – Using a decorative partition design is a good idea to demarcate the different areas of the house. These partitions can be easily created using various materials, thereby avoiding the hassle of building a permanent wall.
  • Inbuilt furniture – Saving valuable floor space is one of the most important aspects of a functional design. Make sure to create an elevated inbuilt sofa design with ample storage area underneath. Also, add multipurpose side tables with exposed legs – as this kind of furniture serves to add more space. These kinds of tables will be the perfect spot to keep table lamps and vases while papers can be kept in the storage box.
  • Storage for décor – Incorporation of storage in walls is one of the best functional wall décor ideas. Wall storage could add a sense of personality to the living room while clearly reflecting the homeowner’s interests in the form of books and curios that you can easily add to the storage shelf. Make sure to add vertical built-in storage spaces in the living room so that all the necessary items can be placed in one place and within arm’s reach. Today, storage shelves come in different, unique patterns that simply enhance the beauty of any living area. In addition, these storage shelves can make your living area look more spacious.
  • Customized TV units – The very first thing that comes to your mind when you design your living room is the entertainment area. Build a TV wall with storage shelves to place the sound system, DTH, routers, remotes, CDs, switches and headphones. Your TV unit should accommodate all these objects without creating a bulky or overstuffed look. Place a unit with reflective mirrorwork, as mirrors create a sense of space.
  • Corner Island – Adding a small space in the corner of your drawing room can give additional space to lay out things when guests come over. It can also act as a service station and even a meal counter.
  • Lightings and hangings – Enhance the look and feel of your living room with soft lights in the corner or with overhead lights. Also, free up the floor space and make it more functional with hanging planters. Try to customize your room colour and aesthetics as per your interests. This will fully brighten up the room ambience.
  • Central focal walls – Central focal walls act as a decorative element that creates a feeling of openness while keeping the desired areas out of sight. These walls can be easily built with different materials according to the theme of your house.
  • Sleek stairs – If you have a small living space, adding a sleek staircase to the first floor is important. The stairs can either be wall-mounted or floating depending on your design selection. The area beneath the stairs can be used for various storage purposes.
  • Reusing old furniture – Reusing old furniture is a simple way to create functional layouts for your drawing room. These old furniture items could be tables, bookshelves, and even cabinets. However, it is important to paint them in the same colour as the rest of your fixtures.

Considering all the above-mentioned design ideas when designing a living room can make your small living room more functional, spacious and aesthetically pleasing. Selecting a professional interior designer can go a long way in helping you achieve your goals. Consider hiring interior design services from reputable builders and contractors in Trivandrum.

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