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Interior Design Tips to Make Small Rooms Look Bigger

Interior Design Tips to Make Small Rooms Look Bigger

It often happens that due to space restrictions, you may have to make your rooms smaller during house construction. To make the rooms in your home look bigger, there are certain design tips you can follow. Innovative design concepts can fool the eye and make your interiors seem much more spacious than they are. You can rely on one of the experienced home interior designers in Trivandrum to make such a transformation, that too within your budget.

Here are some clever tips to transform your small rooms into larger ones –

  • Consider light color paints
    Light color paint shades will make a room appear larger, more spacious as well as airy. Lighter colors also reflect the lightings in the room. These colors can create an optical illusion and make the room look much more spacious.  White colors – white tile and white paint reflect any available light rather than absorbing it, and makes the space look bigger.

    Matching some of the furniture to the wall color also works to make the room appear larger. Painting a lighter color for your ceiling than the rest of your space would create the illusion of extra-high ceilings.

  • Choose lightweight curtains

    Heavy fabrics or thick curtains will absorb light and make a room appear smaller.  Light-colored lightweight curtains such as light green or light blue will keep the room airy and spacious. Curtains and walls of the same color will also make the rooms look bigger.

    Along with adding visual impacts, tall drapes or floor to ceiling drapes and curtains make the ceilings instantly look higher, adding more height to the room.

  • Allow maximum natural lighting

    Allow more natural light into your rooms to make them look bigger. For maximum light, incorporate more windows in your home design during construction. This would help to get light without any additional cost. Lighting fixtures can also be considered, if there are not many windows in your rooms. Proper natural lighting also reduces the hassles of artificial lighting.

    With more lighting, the rooms will look much larger. Reflective surfaces in the room like mirrors on the wall will help distribute the light.

  • Do not clutter furniture

    The way you arrange furniture is one of the key factors that contribute to the overall appearance of your room. Opt for sofas and armchairs that are raised on legs for more light and space. To save space, choose furniture that can be folded or wheeled away. Always leave a little air in between the sides of your furniture and the walls. For too small rooms, it is better to group the furniture on one side of the room, so people can pass through unhindered. Big pieces of art or bright pop paintings on your wall can also make the room seem bigger.

    Try to get some of the furniture with the same color as the walls. Glass tables can help maintain the appearance of an open space.  Also, leave some walls blank to prevent the room from appearing cluttered and overwhelming.

  • The right floor carpets can make the change

    Using appropriatefloor carpets can create the illusion of more square footage. Instead of placing several small carpets, use one large area carpet to make the room look bigger. Alternately, place a large rug with equal spacing from the walls on all sides, as it creates a visual illusion. Using identical carpeting is another way to makeany space look larger and more coordinated.

Leading construction companies in Trivandrum offer interior designing servicesranging from furniture settings to eco-friendly integrations, all based on your requirements, plans and budget.

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