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Key Ideas to Renovate Your Old House

Renovation is a smart step that you can consider to transform the appearance of your old home while also making it more comfortable to live in. Renovation helps to give a unique touch to old constructions. After a certain period of construction, it may become necessary to renovate your home to make it more appealing and functional. Whether your concern is to make a small house look bigger or to beautify your home and increase the value, renovation can help meet your goals. Complete reconstruction of a building requires a lot of planning, technical skill and safety precautions. Home renovation services offered by experienced hands can transform the look and feel of your home.

Here are key renovation ideas to make your home more beautiful.


  • Choose the right flooring type
    With the right flooring option, your rooms will feel lighter and more modern. Unlike other rooms, kitchen and bathroom flooring needs to be safer and more durable.
  • Add more light to your living space
    The brightness and shade of the light will vary for each room. While choosing lights for the internal space, remember the shades of the walls of each room and select accordingly.
  • Arrange furniture for more spacing
    Even if your room is small, you can make it look bigger by arranging furniture in the limited space. Customized furniture also brings a unique look to the room.
  • Change old bathroom accessories
    Remodeling old bath rooms will also improve the appearance of your room and house. For a nonslip floor, choose tiles with textured surfaces.
  • Kitchen
    Old model kitchens can be renovated to modular kitchen types. You can add more cabinets, if enough storage space in not available. Find all plumbing issues and correct them too.
  • Use a suitable paint shade
    The choice of paint also affects lighting. Consider painting your windows a shade lighter than the rest of the room, as this will maximize the light coming through the windows.


  • Fix leaking roofs
    Roof leaks are often serious problems that should be addressed quickly. At regular intervals, inspect the underside of the roof sheeting to see if there are signs of water damage. Reliable house maintenance services in Trivandrum include repair of dripping roofs.
  • Set your garden
    Implement ideas like hanging pots and including rugged plants such as cactus to make your garden look more organized. While planting larger trees, provide them ample space to grow. A fence in your garden will also add more market value to your home and property.

Tips such as the above can help to make your home a more comfortable and fully functional living space. You may not be able to do all these on your own. Consider hiring an experienced architectural firm to get this renovation job done. You can choose a professional construction company in Trivandrum, experienced in providing demolition and renovation services for residential as well as commercial buildings, in full compliance with relevant regulations and ensuring maximum safety precautions.

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