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Nine Best Tips to Furnish Your Beautiful Home

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A home that looks beautiful but does not have the amenities you need for day-to-day life would not feel like home. Adding furniture that is functional, attractive and comfortable helps you create that perfectly balanced place where you can relax and rejuvenate every time you walk in. If you are considering furnishing your home, you can get it best done by an experienced home furnishing service in Trivandrum.

Proper furnishing of your home not only improves its aesthetics but also your productivity. This is because a systematically furnished house enhances your mood and efficiency. So, here are some important tips that would help you when it comes to furnishing your home beautifully.

  • Take the measurements of your house: The first step is to take proper measurements of your house and examine the space carefully. Take note of all measurements, blocking space, lighting, power points or anything that obstructs the path.
  • Stick to a style: There are several home furnishing styles – contemporary, minimalist, modern, transitional and so on. The common problem with Indian homes is that the home décor is often a mix of styles and is inconsistent throughout the house. So, begin by deciding which style you want and look for items that suit the design style and the house. For example, if you are going for an ethnic look, then look for Indian artefacts, antique wooden sofas, dining sets, brass and copper planters and show pieces, handmade carpets etc. Mixing a number of styles can make your house look clustered and reduce the overall appeal.
  • Consider the whole house: Once you are ready with measurements and design style, the next step is to look for furniture that goes in each room. Make sure to choose pastel colors for the walls, and use secondary colors for upholstery and accent colors for cushions.
  • Start with your kitchen and dining area: Start organizing your house from your kitchen, beginning with the pantry and storage. Make sure to include comfortable seating areas. Designing and planning your kitchen is key to making it user friendly for you and your family.
  • Use only essentials for your living room: Placing outsized furniture in the living room is a common problem. That furniture may be passed on from generation to generation and hold many memories. If you wish to keep such furniture in your living room, then make sure to plan the rest of the room around that piece of furniture. The living room is an important and busy part of the house where the family comes together. So, furnish your living room with just essentials and statement pieces. If your living room is small, then use mirrors to create the illusion of more space and use floor-length curtains to make the room look tall and more elegant.
  • Make your bedroom a comfortable nest: This is the room where you want to relax and be comfortable. Set the mood in the bedroom with happy bedcovers and cushions and throw overs and make it your own retreat zone.
  • Include practical furniture for your bathroom: Bathroom is often the last room that everyone considers. But it is important to make your bathroom more functional with practical furniture that has enough storage the helps you keep everything in order.
  • Balance the colors and tones: Having the right balance of colors and tones is essential. If you have old wooden furniture, add light colors to diffuse the heaviness like light colour linens, rugs etc. If you have many antiques with you, then make sure to place them separately in different rooms.
  • Bring in nature: Adding greenery always brightens any room. Furnish your home with little money plants and other succulent plants. Place them in the corners of your living room or use them to create a welcoming setting at the entrance of your home.

A beautifully furnished home is any homeowner’s choicest dream. A pleasant home environment makes you happy and positive. You are happy to stay in such a place that elevates your mood and helps you relax. For the best home furnishing ideas, you can contact a reliable home furnishing service in Trivandrum known for their effective home design solutions.

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