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Renovating Your Master Bedroom – Things to Consider

Renovating Your Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is one of the most important rooms in any home and the one for which renovation design services are requested. The room is a cozy hideaway from all stresses and tensions of life. Bedrooms are mostly about aesthetics and feelings, color schemes, paintings and flooring. It is a focal point for family time – as people read in bed, play with their pets or spend quality time with their kids in the bedroom. A disorganized bedroom can make it tough for you to relax and probably will not help your disposition in the morning, either.

Bedroom renovation or remodeling can transform the look and feeling of your living space and make it more functional and attractive. If you are planning to renovate your master bedroom in your home in Trivandrum, then hiring the renovation design services of a reputable and professional company can offer huge benefits. From adding pops of color to making the space more energy-efficient, there are so many creative ways to make the room space your own.

Here are some tips that you can follow when you are planning a master bedroom renovation or makeover –

  • Find ways to add space – Focus on design that allows you to increase the square footage of your bedroom. Some of the common ways to do this is to rearrange closets (to open up more space), knock down walls, and combine rooms. You can actually do some ground-up construction and add new square footage to your bedroom. All these options will help you add some space to your bedroom.
  • Comfortable flooring – The choice of flooring in a bedroom should be one that communicates a sense of safety and coziness. Hardwood flooring options like ceramic tile or vinyl plank are a durable choice that can add warmth ambiance to your master bedroom. It is recommended in areas that experience high humidity and moisture. Engineered wood flooring, a hybrid of dimensionally stable plywood and a hardwood veneer, can be installed with feet-soothing radiant heat coils underneath. Wide plank flooring, available in solid hardwood, engineered wood, and laminate, can add splendor to any master bedroom.
  • New bedding – Investing in new bedding is another important option to consider when you are planning to renovate a master bedroom. Add a fresh set of bedding, new set of pillows and blankets that are comfortable and match your lifestyle. Investing in a new latex mattress will provide more comfort and better overall back support.
  • Lighting – Having good lighting in is very important. If you are planning a major renovation, choose nice, new window frames that will let in a lot of natural light. Think in terms of a combination of light sources. Start with ceiling light and replace the old shade with a new, eye-catching shade. Rewire the wall behind the bed for space-saving sconces, perfect for reading in bed. Use ambient floor and table lamps to illuminate the bedroom. Put dimmers on overhead fixtures to adjust the amount of light that enters the room space. Install task lighting for bedtime reading and track lighting to showcase portraits or artwork on the walls. This will provide a more relaxed and inviting atmosphere. Contemporary style bedrooms look fantastic with retro track lighting. Track lighting is flexible, allowing you to slide the fixtures down the track as well as swivel them to the perfect position.
  • Energy-efficient windows – When you remodel your master bedroom, upgrade the windows. Choose double or triple-pane windows (with argon fillings) and low-E coatings for optimal insulation against the elements. In addition, energy-efficient windows will lower your monthly utility bills and make the space feel cozier.
  • Master bathroom – Depending on your budget, consider adding a master bathroom to your bedroom space. Give your master bedroom the attention it deserves. If you already have a master bathroom in your room, you can also consider it to get modified and renovated to include modern finishes. However, the finishes that you choose should match your personal style. The best way to ensure this is to avail the services of reputable and experienced builders and contractors who can figure out the specific style and décor that is the current trend.
  • Closet space – Adding closet space is another important factor to consider when renovating your master bedroom. Adding a walk-in closet to your bedroom can prove to be a great investment as this will provide anyone with the storage and other space that they are looking for in their new home master bedroom.
  • Paint – Consider the latest color trends when painting your bedroom. Aim for darker, more relaxing colors in large bedrooms. On the other hand, for small bedrooms, light color schemes like pastels or gray shades would be suitable as this will in turn make your bathroom look larger. This should also match your bedding and bedroom furniture.
  • Window coverings – Window dressings are important in any bedroom. Bedrooms tend to look smaller and dominated by large furniture and the eyes are drawn upward beyond the bed space- this is where the window dressings can work wonders. Select curtains, blinds, and shades depending on the type and amount of coverage you require. White panel curtains are simple, cheap and can match almost any style. On the other hand, cotton or velvet materials in light shades can block the early morning light and at the same time may not appear heavy.
  • Hang artworks on walls – Whether it is paintings or silk rugs, sculptures or kid’s drawings, make the most of whatever wall space you have. If you prefer a clean, uncluttered look, choose one or two pieces that you like the most. On the other hand, if your taste is more diverse, you can fill up the walls with your choice of artwork.

Before making a renovation to your master bedroom, it is important to consider the value of your home. Make sure that your renovation ideas match your personal style and comfort level. If you are planning home renovation services in Trivandrum, choose a reputable builder. Professional builders and developers in Trivandrum can help you realize your dreams of a beautiful master bedroom.

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