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Ten Bedroom Design Mistakes to Avoid

Bedroom Design Mistakes

Ever had that distressing feeling that your furniture arrangement in your bedroom doesn’t look quite right? Are you regretting on the wall color choice you made for your bedroom?

Bedrooms are a major part of every home. In fact, the bedroom is one of the most loved spaces as people spend around a third of their lives or time in the room. To most, it’s a relaxing space and needs to look right to feel heavenly. Designing a bedroom can be complicated and at times overwhelming. If you are planning to redesign your bedroom, make sure you have the best interior designers in Trivandrum to help you. Reputable designers will discuss color patterns, furniture, lighting and other design elements with their clients to provide the desired results. It’s important that you know the mistakes when decorating your favorite room space. The good news is that many decorating blunders are easy to avoid and fix.

Discussed below are the common designing mistakes you need to avoid when decorating or redesigning your bedroom:

  • Never over furnish the room – Avoid putting in too much furniture. However unique your furniture pieces are, stuffing too much into the room will make it lose its elegance and in fact, make it appear dingy and small. When selecting furniture for your room, make sure to select items that perfectly complement every other feature like paint, lightings, etc. Make sure to place furniture as far away from the centre of the room as possible to give the room a spacious edge.
  • Not Having Enough Lighting – Good lighting can brighten up your space. Ensure you have a light that is bright enough to get ready by. Too little or improperly angled light can create negative vibes. Large windows will let in natural light and mirrors can make the room look brighter. Don’t reduce sunlight with oversized curtains; instead, opt for a fresh breezy look.
  • Not Scaling It Right – When it comes to decorating the bedroom, scaling is a common area where people make mistakes. Most people think that placing furniture of same heights and size may give the bedroom that extra flair, but it’s not always the case. Make all the pieces of furniture stand apart by combining different rises and posturing window and curtain lengths appropriately as well. As scaling can be one of the trickiest aspects of interior designing, it is important to get a second opinion before arranging things.
  • Choosing the wrong bedside table – The dimensions of the bedside table can make a significant difference to the room comfort. Choose a table style that is around the same height as the top of your mattress to make it easy to reach for things in the night.
  • Ignoring the storage aspect – The basic idea behind a bedroom is to put you in a relaxing mood. Provide ample space for storage. Design a spacious wardrobe, with adequate space not only for shoes, bags and coats, but also for spare linen and cords and cables.
  • Not contrasting – Designing the room in a single-color tone and using furniture from different contrast zones is not a good idea. Finding middle ground can be tricky. Therefore, it is best to stick to a maximum of two colors and work on different shades of the same color. If you are not sure about the contrast tone, expert home interior designers in Trivandrum can guide you in creating the perfect look.
  • Too much of artwork – People who love art tend to hang paintings in their bedroom. However, hanging the wrong paintings with the wrong color, frame or position could ruin the whole look of your bedroom. Pick your artwork carefully and hang the pictures so that they add appeal to the room.
  • Improper Accessorizing – Accessorizing can turn out to be a huge blunder if you don’t do it correctly. Simply piling everything from books, showpieces and art on a single shelving unit without order or coordination will not look good and can ruin the whole look. Arranging each item as neatly as possible will give your bedroom the glow you want.
  • Not Creating a Focal Point – Without a focal point, the bedroom may look cluttered. Generally, the focal point of any bedroom is the bed, so make sure you choose the best quality and spacious bed. Once the bed is correctly set, it is important to furnish the room to point to the focal point. For instance, placing an armchair in the corner that angularly points towards the bed or a painting headboard can add appeal.
  • Avoid buying matching sets of furniture – Try to avoid matching sets of furniture, as they will tend to look too uniform and boring. Instead, mix old and new, and different styles and colors and materials, for a more dynamic aesthetic.

Following the above-mentioned points can make your bedroom more spacious, functional, and attractive. Rather than simply following design trends, a better option would be to avail of professional assistance. Reputable builders and contractors in Trivandrum who provide interior design services can help solve your interior design dilemmas and provide you with a space that is comfortable, functional, and aesthetically appealing.

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