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Ten Common Mistakes that People Make During House Construction

House Construction

Building your new home is a very exciting yet challenging task. More than just comfortable abodes, modern houses in Kerala have now become a status symbol which many people love to flaunt. Many people have fallen neck deep in debt after building their houses in grandiose styles, imitating others’ luxury home styles. Many designers include expensive embellishments simply to enhance the look of the house. However, it is important to remember that a comfortable and beautiful house can be designed even without adding those extra features. Design mistakes are common while building a new house. Leading builders and contractors draft home blueprints in advance as this helps identify and fix any potential problems beforehand, rather than having to correct issues after the house is built. Here discussed are some common mistakes that people make when building a house for the first time –

  • Attempting Too Much DIY – A common habit among many homeowners is to purchase readymade house plans and perform other planning and building activities themselves. When planning to tackle a home building project on a DIY basis, think twice. These practices could help you save the money spent on professional services, and it may all look fairly simple as well. However, it is important to understand the relevance and benefits of professional services. Professional home builders and designers (architects) exist for a reason. Their considerable experience may come at a price, but it’s money that is well spent. These professional builders help build your home, taking every single aspect into consideration and identifying potential problems you may not have noticed or even been aware of.
  • Complex Exteriors – Most people want to stun others with lavish or “over the top” look of exteriors like expensive claddings, cement works, mural decors and concrete works on the exterior. These additional, decorative features would topple your budget. Homeowners who have not reserved much budget for these extra features should refrain from decorating exteriors in complex designs.
  • Change in Plans – Drafting a good plan is an important step to do before starting the construction. Your friends and relatives may give their suggestions and opinions during the construction phase, which may force you to budge from the previously approved plan and budget. This would lead to alterations in the plan, destroying structures that are already built or even adding additional features that were not in the original plan. Unnecessary expenses can be avoided if serious changes are not made in the original plan.
  • Teakwood for security – Most people believe that the doors and windows made of teakwood would give a rich look and provide extra security. The truth is that less expensive wood can still enhance the look of the doors and ensure complete security.
  • Power-consuming lights – From warm lights to elaborate chandeliers, an array of decorative light fittings is available that can give your home that dream house look. However, these cool lights consume more power and make your electricity bills to go up. Too many light points and fittings can lead to extreme power shortages as well. Therefore, the perfect option will be to use power moderately and preserve it for future use.
  • Dark color patterns – The latest trend in home interior design services is to use separate color themes for different rooms. Choosing dark color shades can be expensive and go above the budget line. Walls painted in white colors give a unique charm to the interiors. Besides, they are moderately priced. Contrasting the white interior walls with colorful furniture or other décor would be ideal.
  • Exclusive curios – Many homeowners like to decorate their houses with exclusive curios, other imported furniture or decorative items to give a luxurious feel. Instead of filling your home space with expensive vases or crystals, make your home the perfect space to showcase your creative talents.
  • Curtain fittings – People like to deck up their house with stunning curtain pieces. Right from the inner and outer curtains to elaborate ones with fringes and frills, there are several impressive collections to choose from. Simple curtain designs can add an elegant charm to the room. Purchasing ready-made curtains can keep a tab on the expenses as they are available in various designs, colors and fabrics.
  • Showy kitchen – With a showy kitchen, a work kitchen and an additional work area, for every home – there may be at least three kitchen areas. The expenses to install the cupboards and other kitchen fittings in all these areas can prove to be expensive. There is no need to unnecessarily increase the expenses, especially if there are not many members in the family.
  • Huge walls – People don’t mind spending a huge amount of money on building high boundary walls, particularly in ornate designs. The high walls block the view of the house and the cool breeze coming into the compound. This causes the front courtyard and walls of the house to warm up, increasing the temperature inside the house as well. Boundary walls in simple designs would reduce expenses and still be attractive.

Avoiding the above-mentioned common mistakes when building a new home can help you build your dream home without hassles. In most cases, these mistakes are due to poor planning and rushed decisions. Planning ahead and ensuring that you make the best choices right from the start can make the process of building your new home a rewarding experience. If you are looking for inspiring design cues and cost-saving ideas for building your new home in Trivandrum, then choose a reputable and established construction company in Trivandrum. Experienced builders offer quality home design services in accordance with individual specifications and budget.

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