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Top Six Living Room Design Mistakes to Avoid

Living Room Design

A living room is one of the first spaces someone sees when they enter a home. A well-designed living space in your home will create an engaging, impressive and comfortable atmosphere. If you are planning to design the living room in your home, it would be best to do it professionally with support from the best interior designers. Reputable interior designers in Trivandrum will discuss the color patterns, lighting and other design aspects with their clients to provide top-quality, customized solutions within the available budget. When designing the living room on your own, some blunders are bound to happen. The good news is that these mistakes are quite easy to avoid and fix.

Here are some of the common living room mistakes to avoid when designing your living room –

  • Not Considering the Usage of the Room – The type and extent of usage of the room is one of the important factors to consider when designing a living room. Considering this single factor will have a significant impact on the room layout, overall design and décor. Find answers to some of the questions related to how the room will be used – whether as a primary space, the number of family members using the room, extent of usage and whether it will be used as a formal entertaining area. Getting answers to these questions and keeping these considerations in mind will help determine the correct interior design style for the space. It also helps ensure what specific design elements will work best for the space.
  • Ignoring Foot Traffic – Not considering the foot traffic is another important mistake to avoid when designing a living room. This may generally include – movement of people throughout the room and natural or logical pathways created in the room. Right from the architectural design of the room to the furniture and décor, it is important to consider the space required and how the space can be effectively used to make the room functional. Make sure to avoid furniture arrangement that blocks logical pathways or makes free movement around the room difficult. Too much clutter of furniture can make the room look closed off and difficult to use.
  • Having Too Much Furniture – Furniture that looks good may not always match your living space. Make sure the furniture you choose is comfortable and suits your living room area. Try to maintain a good balance of adequate seating for the whole family or for social gatherings without making it look too cluttered with too many pieces of furniture.
  • Setting the Wrong Lighting Patterns – Lighting is an important aspect of any interior design that helps enhance the overall aesthetics of any space as well as give a sense of sophisticated elegance and comfort. However, selecting the wrong lighting fixtures is a common living room design mistakes. Always consider the amount of light and type of lighting that will be required to keep the room lively and inviting. Harsh lighting can negatively affect the atmosphere of the room. Therefore, make sure to consider how you can incorporate natural light sources, dimmers and more to your living space.
  • Too much of artwork – The small details that you include in a room can add to the personality of the room. Floor coverings, wall art, a gallery wall, and other accent pieces will be important components for the living room. These items will add to the finishing touches and help your living room achieve the wow-factor. In most cases, people tend to hang paintings in their living area. However, hanging the wrong paintings with the wrong color, frame or position could ruin the whole look of your living room. Make sure to pick unique art pieces or hangings that add appeal to the room.
  • Incorrect Accessorizing – Accessorizing can be a huge mistake if you don’t do it correctly. Simply stocking everything from showpieces, artworks or books on a single shelf without any order will not look good. Arrange each item as neatly as possible to give your living room the required mileage you want.

Plan carefully before designing the living room to avoid mistakes. By keeping the above-mentioned living room design mistakes in mind, you can avoid some of the issues that may negatively impact your living room’s look, feel, and function. Reputable builders and contractors in Trivandrum who provide interior design services can ensure flawless living room design without mistakes. They will provide you with a space that is more functional, and aesthetically appealing.

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