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Window Design for a Living Room – Six Top Considerations

Window Design

The living room is the centerpiece of any home. In fact, it is the face of a house on the outside and a hub of family activity on the inside. As it is an activity area, windows in this room should be more open, let in lots of light and be operable to allow for ventilation. The living room windows should always be well designed and be comfortable for everyone. There are countless, innovative window design styles that make your interior look really beautiful. If you are constructing a new home, experienced home interior designers in Trivandrum can help you choose the right window design for your living room.

Here are 6 things to consider when it comes to living room window design –

  • Choose a style that compliments the room – There are a variety of window styles that can be used at home or in apartments. Some of the common types include – Slider, Casement, End-Vent, Jalousie, Clearstory, Arched and Bay windows. If you are planning out the design of your home with an architect or contractor, consider the space where the window will be placed. Tall ceilings and voluminous rooms could benefit from clear story windows high above the ground or multistory windows that are typical in atriums and multistory foyers. On the other hand, smaller rooms can benefit from sunlight and views with windows that have a low sill height to the floor. In short, choose a window style that perfectly suits your room’s features.
  • Choose a style that brings in natural light – Natural light can bring an instant connectivity to the outdoors. Make sure that the window style chosen brings in natural light. Window types like Bay have more glass area compared with casement windows. In addition, these windows highlight the scenery outside your home and let a lot of light in, which in turn create the illusion of a bigger room.
  • Capture the attractive view outside your home – Windows are openings in the wall that help capture the stunning outdoor views and bring then in to your home. Therefore, while designing your home from the beginning, determine what perfect views you want to capture first and then choose a window style that will enhance the views.
  • Opacity for privacy needs – Privacy along with natural light are important considerations when it comes to windows. Consider a variety of opacity levels for your window. With transparent glass you can see straight through, while translucent glass is common in glass block windows.
  • Choose variety shapes and sizes for windows – When it comes to choosing window shape and size, there are no specific rules. You can place windows in attractive configurations that are appealing to the eye in empty, solid spaces on walls. From rectilinear and curvilinear varieties to custom shaped windows, there are several window configurations to choose from.
  • Choose grilles for a stylish look – Grilles are a common option to give your home living area a superior appeal. Grilles can be installed either on the outside or the inside of the window. However, grilles on the inside of the window can reduce that window’s energy efficiency. On the other hand, grilles on the outside of the glass do not have an effect on the window’s overall performance.

Top architects in Trivandrum can help you choose the best option from the infinite ideas for living room windows. Traditional windows can highlight the classic furniture in your room. On the other hand, bay and bow windows help add more space to the living room area. Partnering with reputed builders and developers is also crucial to ensure attractive, functional, and cost-effective solutions.

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